What does it mean to be part of the


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We know the power of life changing connections, both professionally and personally at Umaya Village. We're grateful to have had such a beautiful, collaborative group of people call Umaya home and we can’t wait to welcome even more brilliant individuals, just like you.

Life at Umaya centers around four things; health, connection, adventure and personal growth. Every week we organize a host of activities and events that address these themes so we can all grow as a community. No two weeks are the same but expect expert seminars on how to grow your practice, fireside chats with inspirational people, unique excursions and welcoming communal feasts.

The Umaya effect doesn’t end there, our thriving network of talented and wonderful individuals have gone on to travel together, work on projects, study from each other and even (soon-to-be) marry! We like to keep up to date with our past Umayans and pride ourselves in the burgeoning off-site connections we’ve incubated.

Find yourself and find your crew in beautiful Belize this year.

What about the local


We are working with the local community in Seine Bight, the neighbouring village, to encourage eco-tourism and knowledge sharing. We provide mentorship to local businesses, including a recording studio for emerging musicians and specialised workshops and 1-1s with members of the community. It’s not a one-way street either, we frequently hire local experts in marine conversation, Belizean wildlife, Garifuna drumming and more to give informative talks for our Umaya Village guests. To keep it fun (of course), we also host monthly volleyball tournaments for Umayans vs Locals. We nearly always get beaten but we have a fantastic time integrating with the amazing people in the area.

We have been supporting the local community council in their efforts to improve living conditions, with various initiatives like rubbish collections, painting days and beach cleanups. We encourage all of our guests to get involved in sustainable local projects when we host them. All the staff hired at the hotel are from the local area and Umaya Resort & Adventures focuses on professional growth and a rewarding staff environment.



Every week we organize a host of activities and events that support health & wellbeing, to facilitate growth individually and as a community. No two weeks are the same, are you ready to take the plunge?



Our team at Umaya Village organises weekly excursions to explore Belize, from snorkelling around the cayes to trekking through the Jaguar reserve; get the blood pumping and make memories that last a lifetime.



We host a weekly rotation of incredible guest workshops from our Umayans, on topics from NFTs to eco-fashion. Check out some of our past Live Streams and hosts on our Instagram.