Every week we organize a host of activities and events that support wellbeing, community and health compliment your time at Umaya.


We host weekly classes of yoga, flexibility and meditation at Umaya, covering morning and evening times to suit your work hours. We host them in the beautiful Clubhouse or on the stunning Lagoonside pier during sunset. Find your flow with us.


We have a beachside volleyball pitch and weekly beginners classes, if you’re not well versed. One of our favourite monthly events is our Seine Bight vs Umayans community volleyball match. We don’t often win, these guys are pro, but we’re always looking for new recruits!


The resort has two key spaces for fitness. The wonderful Clubhouse overlooking the lagoonside is equipped with running machines, cross fit and a good selection of weights. We also have a beachside set up with pull bars and bands for your fitness needs.


One of the best ways to keep well is to explore! Every week we have a different excursion available. A range of activities like hiking, tubing, diving, snorkelling and we can help you to explore other parts of this incredible country however you feel.