Belize is a sparsely populated, spacious country and has one of the lowest infection rates in America. Belize has been awarded the Safe Travel Stamp by the WTTC for the steps it has taken to ensure tourist safety during these times. Umaya Village follows the Belize Tourist Board’s Gold Standard protocols for safe travel during Covid 19. 

Visitors do not need to quarantine. Belize requires that travellers provide either proof of full COVID-19 immunization received at least 2 weeks prior to arrival, or a negative COVID-19 PCR TEST taken within 96 hours of travel, or a negative rapid test (Rapid Antigen, Sofia, SD Biosensor, and ABBOTT) taken within 48 hours of travel. In addition, international tourists must book at a Gold Standard hotel and present confirmation at immigration, Umaya has the gold standard.

For those returning to the USA, Umaya offers in-room testing. Tests are available for $99.

Book with confidence; all bookings are able to be rescheduled should a lockdown or government imposed measure prevent your trip. 

Umaya is home to a community. In order to build authentic connections, repeat contact is necessary. We also have personal experience of the mental impact of rapid travel, rushing from place to place and the impact it has on our sense of connection to our environment. We do consider shorter stays with reason, contact us to find out more.

All bookings can be changed and rebooked, subject to availability, 30 days in advance. If restrictions made at a national level in response to Covid 19 prevent travel, we will permit rebooking within 7 days of any announcement made.

Absolutely, we encourage long term community members. All extensions are subject to availability.

Yes. There are a host of other rooms onsite that include penthouse apartments overlooking the beach and single occupancy rooms.

Guests can enter Belize for a period of 30 days on a tourist visa issued at no charge upon arrival. This is provided neither the guest, their employers, clients or customers are based in Belize, i.e. Belize is not their place of business. When entering the country, we suggest selecting ‘vacation’ on the immigration form and using Umaya’s address; Umaya Resort & Adventures, Placencia Road, Placencia, Belize. 

If you need to stay longer than 30 days, visitors can renew their visa at the nearby immigration office located in Big Creek for $100 USD. The round trip takes around 4 hours so it’s best done when you have time. For longer visits, applying for residency is straightforward, please visit the Belize Government website for more information.

Belize imports much of its food meaning groceries can be more expensive than neighbouring Mexico. That said, it is still cheaper than most places in the USA and local produce is of exceptional quality. 

We recommend a grocery budget of $80-120 a week to eat a rich, balanced diet of local food. 

The on site restaurants provide a variety of meals, with most options priced between $10 and $20 a main. 

Yes. The resort is served by both Fedex and DHL. Get in touch to obtain our postal address. 

We cater for all diet types and our team has its fair share of allergies and dietary needs. If you have any specific enquiries then please get in touch.

Every week is different but the whole community dines together at least 2 times a week. We host at least one group talk and plan one group excursion. Our yoga instructor will hold at least three weekly sessions. We also welcome and support any group activity suggestions put forward by members of the community.

Yes, we have a baby sitting service that costs $10 USD per hour, subject to a minimum booking of 4 hours.

All guide dogs / service dogs / emotional support doge are welcome.

Whether being a nomad is right for you is a question that can only be answered by doing it. Some prefer to work in a structured organization, with the same people and a repetitive schedule, others are curious, adventurous and open. Umaya offers a safe environment to explore these questions and experience your first steps as a remote worker. 

If you are unsure but want to give it a go, then let us know and we can talk you through our personal experiences. During your time here team Umaya are always here to connect, discuss and support you in your experience. 

There is a reality to remote work; you need to have income or savings to support your first steps. It can take 3-6 months to develop a fully remote source of income. For some, their first steps are to negotiate a remote work agreement with an existing employer, others like to jump in the deep end. As part of the on-boarding, we’ll help you through this decision making process, but the easiest way to transition to a remote income is to get a remote work agreement from your employer.

We’ll send a checklist in advance of your arrival on what to bring/how to prepare. However, think of it like an extended trip so be ready with all the usuals (insurances, travel vaccines etc).

There are some great online materials and youtube blogs that can provide some insight into this.