No business can succeed in the long term if it adversely impacts the environment in which it exists. The Umaya team brings a combined track record of 30+ years building socially purposeful businesses. Umaya is no exception.

All our food is locally sourced, from local producers and wholesalers. We support all dietary choices and cater for those who have chosen a diet with a low environmental impact, just let us know how to cater for you and we’ll be sure to help!

We are working with the local community in Seine Bight, the neighbouring village, to encourage eco-tourism and knowledge sharing. We provide mentorship to local businesses, including a recording studio for emerging musicians and specialised workshops and 1-1s with members of the community. It’s not a one-way street either, we frequently hire local experts in marine conversation, Belizean wildlife, Garifuna drumming and more to give informative talks for our Umaya Village guests. To keep it fun (of course), we also host monthly volleyball tournaments for Umayans vs Locals. We nearly always get beaten but we have a fantastic time integrating with the amazing people in the area.

We have been supporting the local community council in their efforts to improve living conditions, with various initiatives like rubbish collections, painting days and beach cleanups. We encourage all of our guests to get involved in sustainable local projects when we host them. All the staff hired at the hotel are from the local area and Umaya Resort & Adventures focuses on professional growth and a rewarding staff environment. 

If you have any ideas or thoughts about great ways we can invest our time and resources to the local area in Belize, we’re always ready to hear them!