Working at Umaya

During the week, our digital nomads love beachfront co-working. With a bustling community of remote workers, entrepreneurs and creatives, you’ll feel at home nailing the zoom calls or creating from one of our onsite workspaces. We also have a Clubhouse open plan area with handy amenities and delicious local delicacies. It’s truly the perfect environment to let creativity flow. Please note, we cannot take responsibility for the inescapable jealousy of your colleagues on Zoom calls.

When it comes to staying connected; Belize is rapidly improving their networks so you can work more efficiently than ever before. The resort itself, Umaya Village, offers a high-quality internet connection. Mobile internet is 4G in Placencia and 3G for most of the country. If you have specific requirements for the internet, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!



The resort has two 120mbps connections from two different providers. The rooms and common areas have a connection speed that ranges from 15-100Mbps up/down, sufficient for all streaming and zoom calls. Whilst our connection is amongst the most reliable in the region, Belize does experience infrequent outages. The local 4G cell phone signal is reliable in such instances and we provide mobile hotspots during any outages.

Beachfront Working

Beachfront Working

Umaya boasts 430ft of private beach, with a bar, palapas, daybeds and hammocks. Choose a place to relax and think about the big picture or take that zoom call with an epic background. We have ample space and tables on the beach, all within a smiling distance of fresh smoothies, delicious lunch options and friendly staff. Why work from home when you can work from the beach?

Clubhouse Co-working

Clubhouse Co-working

Our 3,000 sqft Clubhouse restaurant doubles as an open plan workspace during the day. Work alongside other Umayans whilst overlooking the watery expanse of the Placencia lagoon, overshadowed by the Mayan Mountain range in the background. A great spot for meetings, nailing that inbox or just coming up with your next-big-idea over a complimentary coffee refill.



We host a weekly rotation of incredible guest workshops from our Umayans, on topics from NFTs to eco-fashion. Check out some of our past Live Streams and hosts on our Instagram.


Digital Nomads

What's life like as a Digital Nomad and how could this changing work landscape look? Whether you're a seasoned remote worker or just dipping your toes into WFH, Umaya is the place for you.


What do our current and past guests say? No matter who you are or what you do, Umaya has something special for you. Our network of incredible individuals is ever-growing, here's how they found their experience.